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Let me start this with, if you aren’t using Pinterest, you should be.  It’s a wealth of ideas and inspiration that you can curate however you like.  Valentine’s Day is only a couple of weeks away and I’ve been collecting my favorite ideas to share with you.  Today – awesome handmade Valentine’s cards!  In a few, I’ll share a post with my favorite Valentine’s treat ideas and one with my favorite decor too.  Just click through the source under the picture to see more information on how to make the Valentines. 15 Ideas for Creative Handmade Valentines via SouthernYankeeMix.com

15 Ideas for Creative Handmade Valentines

Have a ball this Valentine’s Day Adorable for both boys and girls and love that it’s a candy-free option!

Have a Ball

Source: themcclenahans.blogspot.com via Pinterest

I chews you A fun play on words and really, I’m just a sucker for awesome packaging and this tube full of colorful gumballs is a winner in my book!

I chews you

Source: love-the-day.com via Pinterest

Our class would knot be the same without you! Cute little paper circles with a fun border and another candy-free option – win!

our class would knot be the same without you

Source: dandee-designs.com via Pinterest

I dig you! So very cute and if you are thinking of it at the end of summer, I bet you could stock up on the shovels for super cheap if you search the clearance racks.

I dig you

Source: thefryfamilyblog.blogspot.com via Pinterest

Robot Valentine This one doesn’t have a catchy saying but isn’t lacking in cuteness – just wrap up a fun-size candy bar to make the robot’s body.


Source: bhg.com via Pinterest

Kids holding lollie pops photo Valentine This is the second year I’ve seen these floating around the internet but they are still a totally cute idea. Take a picture of your child holding a fist out in front of them and then cut little slits above and below their hand and stick the handle of the sucker through the picture. Easy, personal and adorable!

photo valentine

Source: Pinterest

Kids photo Valentine with candy Another great idea for personal photo Valentine’s and you could make quick work of it with some glue dots and candy hearts.

kids valentine with candy

Source: andreaburnsphotography.com via Pinterest

You rock Valentine! Cute packaging for a package of Pop Rocks. Simple and fun!

you rock

Source: asmallsnippet.blogspot.com via Pinterest

Valentine’s Butterflies Simple enough, but adds a little extra cute factor with googly eyes and a pair of wings for these lollipops!

butterfly with candy

Source: skiptomylou.org via Pinterest

You make my heart glow! Love these! One more candy-free Valentine idea that is fun and inexpensive. Again, if you are thinking ahead, before Halloween they had packs of 10 glow stick bracelets for $1 in the Target dollar section. I bet you could find them at a party store too for a reasonable price.

you make my heart glow

Source: theteacherwife.blogspot.com via Pinterest

You’re just write for me. Cute and practical! Pencils make a fun Valentine for classrooms or a great gift from a teacher for her students.

you're just write

Source: spoonful.com via Pinterest

I never “tire” of your friendship! These would be fun to enlist your child to help you make. I bet they would have fun helping you create the tire tracks on the cards! I know they make molded chocolate cars but you could make these candy-free if you wanted too with matchbox cars.

I never tire of your friendship

Source: spoonful.com via Pinterest

Valentine, you color my world Use a silicone mold to melt down broken crayon bits and form them into new heart-shaped crayons. I’ve seen this idea here and there but I love the cute cards and stamps that Heather from WhipperBerry came up with to finish the presentation!

You color my world

Source: whipperberry.com via Pinterest

I’d snap at the chance to be your Valentine! These gators are SO cute! They make use of pillow boxes for the alligators body – you could stuff them with whatever you like.

I'd Snap

Source: skiptomylou.org via Pinterest

You’re a blast! What a fun idea that only involves a few small pieces of paper and some candy!

youre a blast

Source: spoonful.com via Pinterest

Follow me on Pinterest for more fun ideas and check out my Valentine’s board on Pinterest for links to free printables if DIY just isn’t your thing!

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  16 Responses to “15 Ideas for Creative Handmade Valentine’s Cards”

  1. Wow, so many cute ideas! They are all so great. Thanks for sharing :)
    Ashley S recently posted..Sponsor Spotlight: The SS Collection ~ Adorable Hair Accessories for Any Age!

  2. Super cute ideas!! Love the word play ones best..I Chews you..cute!
    Laura recently posted..General Mills Cereal Giveaway

  3. I LOVE the “3-D” photo ones. very cute!!!
    Marie Howard recently posted..8 Ways To Make Your Blog Better By Bedtime

  4. I LOVE the picture Valentine with the kids holding the lollipop! I want to do that so badly with Mason but I’m not sure I’ll be able to get him to hold a fist up :(
    Christa @ Little BGCG recently posted..Valentine’s Day Baking

  5. How cool! Such great Vday ideas! Thank you so much!
    melissa recently posted..Happy Toy Machine Review and GIVEAWAY!! Make your own personalized toy!

  6. Great ideas! I need to do something creative this year with my kids.
    Stefani recently posted..OttLite Natural Daylight Desk Lamp Review and Giveaway

  7. Love the butterflies one!

  8. So many great ideas here! I can’t seem to narrow down a favourite :)
    Amy @ MahliMoo recently posted..I’m a Gleek…

  9. I love the one that says our class would knot be the same without you. Thinking I may be using this for my kids in their classes this year. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks so much for showing off my crayon valentines. I do have a favor to ask {and I don’t really want to come across as snotty} I would love if instead of saying “this crafter” you actually say WhipperBerry and link to the actual post rather than to your pin on Pinterest. It’s a fantastic idea to highlight other people’s work but we need to make sure that we are building each other up rather than taking other people’s ideas. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Heather, no problem! Sorry about that. I guess I was thinking people would click through to your post from the pin, but I will gladly change it for you. I had no intention of taking your idea and actually encouraged people to click through for the directions, etc. I will change the wording and add a direct link to your post instead.

    • Whoa, taking people’s ideas? I don’t think that’s quite what happened here!

      Tamara, I’m posting a Valentine’s Day craft soon, I would love to be included in this post and would be grateful for it since ALL the pictures you posted link back to pinterest which then links back to the blog. If people like the idea I know they’ll end up at my blog! Thanks for sharing these ideas and blogs!
      Christa @ Little BGCG recently posted..Mason’s 2nd Birthday Party

  11. Great ideas!!! Pinning it! Stopping by from the Alexa Hop from MamaLuvsBook http://www.mamaluvsbooks.com
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  12. Great post!

    Thanks for linking up to Pinterest Monday! Hope to see you again next week!
    Erika @Musings From a Stay At Home Mom recently posted..No Motivation

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