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Jun 182012
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One magical day a few weeks ago, Oliver figured out how to turn door knobs and open the doors.  All of them.  And it was mostly okay.  He decided to bother Hanna in her room, because she’s his favorite, and well, all of the really good toys are in her room.  She got mad.  He plundered her room bringing his choice prizes to the family room.  And then… They were playing together nicely.  Wow, I was happy!  Playing nicely and quietly in her room.  So I thought.  I should have known better.  In my blissful, trusting state, I let them keep on playing.

I was sitting there enjoying my few minutes of peace when I smelled something really sweet.  And it passed.  And then I smelled it again.  What IS that?  Who knows, I’m probably just imagining it… And there it was again.  So strange.  I brushed off the strange sweet smell a few more times.  I should have trusted my pregnancy induced super-sniffer.  And then, it was really quiet.  And all moms know when it gets really quiet that nothing good is happening.  As I got closer to the bedrooms the smell got stronger.  Recognizably stronger.  I KNOW that smell.  Oh no.

They had moved on from Hanna’s room and into Oliver’s room.  Where, when I opened the door, I found this:

Baby Powder Mess

The entire room, filled with baby powder particles.  I stepped into the room and it immediately started settling on my arms.  Everywhere.  I could taste it in the air.  I had no words.  Hanna was “helping clean up.”  Sure, sure you are.

Baby Powder All Over The Room

I sent Nick a text telling him he needed to come home instead of going out.  I would have sent them away and cleaned it myself… But obviously, they can’t be trusted alone in a room.

Vacuuming Up Baby Powder

So I made them strip off their powder filled pajamas and head to the bathroom for a bath.  It was 10 PM before the kids were in bed.  I think Oliver has the cleanest room in the house now since every inch of it was vacuumed and dusted a few times over.  All of the stuffed animals and bedding washed.  Every book on the bookshelf (and floor) vacuumed.  I’m seriously surprised they didn’t have “baby powder lung” after that.

H's Baby Powder Mug Shot O's Baby Powder Mug Shot
It ceases to amaze me the things I never thought my kids would do before I had kids, or even when I just had one.  And now, I really don’t question much at all.

How To Create Grey Hair

Oh, and just a little tip, if you ever want to look like you’re 80 – just dump an entire bottle of baby powder on your head.  It totally does the trick.

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  24 Responses to “What, You Didn’t Know I Had Albino Children? {AKA The Baby Powder Incident}”

  1. ROFL!! That’s pretty funny.
    The Rebel Chick recently posted..My Thrill-Seeking Daughter…Where’d She Learn That?!

  2. LMAO Love it! They’re adorable :)
    Jenny recently posted..Meet Juliet~ She’s Gonna F You Up!!

  3. Oh my gosh! I’m laughing now – but I know I would NOT be laughing if it happened to me. But darn it – they’re still so cute. Hard to get upset with those faces lol
    Kenda @ Remaking June Cleaver recently posted..Soothing Your Eyes With Biotrue #BiotrueChallenge

  4. OMG! Bahahahaha! So glad this has not happened to me… yet…. Ha ha ha! And wow, I can’t believe how big Oliver has gotten!! I wouldn’t have even recognized him! So glad you had a camera handy and were able to share this silly moment. hee hee
    Christina recently posted..Making the bed. Like, literally.

    • I hope it never happens to you. LOL I totally went and got the camera, you know, proof so I can harass them when they are older. Hanna was asking me why I was taking pictures… I had to tell her, “to show Daddy how naughty you were being!”

  5. i’ve been lucky and have never had to experience this, love seeing other kids do it though LOL
    Melinda @ LookWhatMomFound recently posted..I Finally Did My First 5K

  6. Wow! That looks like it was a pain to clean up… sorry mama!
    Kathy recently posted..On the Road with the Kia Sorento

  7. Kids do the craziest things don’t they?
    Stefani recently posted..Gund Girls Sloan Doll Review

  8. Oh noes!! I just love how they were trying to clean it up with their little play vacuum!! Haha!! I would have had such a hard time not cracking up at the scene!
    Henrietta recently posted..June Potato Salad recipe

    • It’s the worst in situations like that. I mean, the only other alternative to laughing would have been crying. Because oh. my. it was eeeeverywhere. I’m still finding it weeks later in nooks and crannies that I missed. I had to keep a straight face though – because what else can you do as the responsible-ish parent?! ;)

  9. Reminds me of the time mine got into blue marker! It looked like they had eaten a smurf.
    Felicia recently posted..30 Second Canned Cinnamon Rolls {Waffle Maker}

  10. Baby powder is easier to clean up than vaseline. Trust me, I’ve had to do both.
    Jayme recently posted..Pillsbury Baguette Chips

  11. That is so stinkin’ cute and funny when it happens to someone else! Great blog!
    Jessica recently posted..101 Things to See Before You are 12: A Lighthouse

  12. The best part is that you took pictures! I totally do that!! :) Stopping by from The Mommyhood Chronicles.

  13. Oh my goodness. I probably would have reacted the same way-stunned! Holy moly- they really did get it everywhere! IT is so cute though- you will remember this always! Adorable kiddos too!
    mel recently posted..Saturday Top Five Laughs- Come join our Blog Hop!

  14. OMG. I would have a heart attack. SO sorry that happened!!
    Melissa recently posted..A peek into our dining room! err…sort of…

  15. Oh my! I’m not sure if I would have been mad or uncontrolably laughing!
    Carrie recently posted..Top 5 Saturday Laughs

  16. Love it! Kids just wanna have fun!

  17. That is too funny. I had that happen to me on Valentines day this year. I am still cleaning it out of areas I didn’t realize he got.

  18. Isnt it amazing how we KNOW something is not right but we don’t trust ourselves to believe it and then we are SHOCKED that’s it was really happening? I am surprised you don’t all have respiratory issues now. I hate the smell of baby powder. I think I would have to move. Found you at Saturday laughs.
    Sparkling74 recently posted..All Star Blogger Not So All Star

  19. That wasn’t even a sprinkling either. Wow!!!! Hilarious!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted..JC Raulston Arboretum – WW

  20. How adorable!! Don’t we all have our baby powder stories. I remember when my 10 year old was four, she dumped a whole container of the powder on her head (she unscrewed the top that allows you to sprinkle it). She looked like a snowman on her face. I’m so glad I can look back and laugh now. :) Now, of course, I have my four year old son to contend with. He still believes that his beautiful art work belongs on our living room walls. :0
    Mom on the Make recently posted..“Hunger Games”, by Suzanne Collins

  21. This is even funnier the second time.
    Jessica recently posted..101 Things to See Before You are 12: A Folk Art Site

  22. OMG that is soooo funny

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