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Dec 282012
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Oh, I’m so behind when it comes to getting mail out.  I was debating if I should send out birth announcements for Liam or just include a little blurb on a Christmas card.  Well, after 4/5 of us all being sick with various versions of the flu and life in general, Christmas has come and gone and I haven’t done either.  Now I’m thinking I should still send something out and just do a New Years card instead.  I should probably order one of those self inking stamps to make addressing the envelopes even quicker, too.  I’ve seen quite a few different styles of cards that I like but it’s so hard to pick one.  I love the cards with details like custom cut shapes or rounded corners.  And I love letterpress.  Oh, decisions, decisions.  There are so many to choose from!

I want to put current pictures of all three kids on the cards too but haven’t taken them yet.  Unless I use the ones I took while the older two were playing in the snow the other day.  I love the excitement you can see in Oliver’s eyes in those pics.  (He’s still talking about snowballs days later.)  I’m kind of a sucker for matching pictures though and I don’t think I got any really great pictures of Hanna.  Of course, Liam wasn’t out in the snow either.  I should make getting good pictures of them taken my mission for this upcoming week.  Along with actually choosing a card and getting it ordered.

Do you have any suggestions on decently priced, yet cute, New Years cards that I might love?  I have a few places that I’ve been looking for cards but I’d love to hear your thoughts in case there’s some great place I don’t know about already!

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  3 Responses to “Christmas Cards… Or New Years Cards”

  1. My Mom used to have a ink stamp I used to love using it, I want one too!
    Christa recently posted..29 & 30 Week #PregnancyUpdate

  2. I really love Tiny Prints cards, you should see if they have New Years ones!
    Hanan recently posted..Turn Baby Food into Bite-size Frozen Snacks for Babies and Toddlers.

  3. I wanted to get one of those self-inking stamps this year, but we’re always moving and the one I wanted was $50+. I just couldn’t justify spending the money when funds are so tight. But I always use Tiny Prints for cards.
    Leilani recently posted..2013 Kia Sorento Review

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