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Aug 252013
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Jonas Brothers Tips

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to do something I’m sure dozens of teenage girls dream about every night — I got to meet Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas.

When the Jonas Brothers’ 27-city summer tour stopped in Dallas, I was given the opportunity to attend their Sound Check and private Meet and Greet before the show. It was just one of the many perks offered to customers of Huawei Device, the tour’s presenting sponsor.

When we arrived for the meet and greet — four hours before the show was set to begin — I was shocked at the number of fans already in line to see the brothers. I’d never attended a concert meet and greet before, so I thought I’d share a bit of advice for anyone else who planned to meet the Brothers this summer.

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1. Bring Your Camera (Err, Phone)

When we entered the theater, we were immediately taken to the stage for Sound Check. This is where the band performs a few songs, checks their equipment, and answers questions from fans. It was really cool to get to hear some of their songs without the masses of screaming teenage girls. Well, really it was just a smaller throng of screaming teenage girls, but I didn’t expect any less. Make sure you pack your camera cell phone to capture photos of the Jonas Brothers on stage. I was the uncool 20-something holding a giant camera above the heads of screaming teenage girls. Still, I have no regrets.

2. Be Prepared to Sing

Yes, that’s right. I said be prepared to sing. You know how I mentioned earlier that the Jonas Brothers take a few questions from fans during Sound Check? Well, they require that you sing your question in order for them to answer it. Several of the girls in the audience didn’t seem to quite get this rule (or thought they didn’t have to play by the rules) and Joe, Kevin, and Nick spent precious seconds explaining to each participant that yes, in fact, she had to SING THE QUESTION. Don’t be *that* girl.

3. Wear Sunscreen!

Once Sound Check was over, everyone seemed like they didn’t really know where to go. This is when you are supposed to line up for the Meet and Greet. Trust me, you want to do this *quickly.* There were a lot of people at our event, and thanks to Huawei Device, we were at the very front of the line. I felt sorry for the fans toward the end, who had to stay in line for an hour or more for their chance to meet the Jonas Brothers. It was hot, and I’ve seen more than a few bright red faces in the photos published after the events. Wear some sunscreen, y’all.

4. Don’t Bring A Lot of Stuff

When you finally make it to the front of the line for your Meet and Greet, know that you will have to leave all of your stuff at the door. You can literally carry nothing with you to meet the Jonas Brothers. No phone. No purse. No bottle of water. Nothing. They have a professional photographer who takes the pics and posts them online for you to view after the show. Ours haven’t been uploaded yet, but hopefully they will be soon!

5. Have FUN!

My friend, Courtney, came with me to the event, and I’m so glad she did! We had nothing to lose, so she told Nick, Joe and Kevin that we wanted to see some abs! Of course, we were met with blank stares before taking your typical celebrity-with-a-fan photo. But I will forever laugh when I think about that moment.

Are you a Jonas Brothers fan? Which brother is your favorite?

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Special thanks to Huawei Device for the chance to attend this event. They’ve recently launched the Huawei W1 in conjunction with the tour, along with exclusive content and giveaways, including customized ringtones, downloadable music, concert tickets, access to meet-and-greets and live chats with Joe, Kevin and Nick.

Guest Author:  Arena is the wife of a Nerd and mom of a toddler who loves his Star Wars blankie a little too much. She enjoys watching Dr. Who, baking cookies, and dreaming about Nathan Fillion, though not necessarily in that order. You can read about her Nerdy family’s adventures on her Dallas mom blog, or find her on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

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  1. How fun!! And I LOVE the comment about wanting to see some abs…lol, I’m sure they’ve heard worse!
    Carrie recently posted..Bacon Mac & Cheese Casserole #QuickFixCasseroles

  2. What a fun opportunity!! I’m picturing you holding your big camera above the heads of all those screaming girls! Love it!
    Jamie Roubinek recently posted..Walmart’s Every Little Step Savings Event

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