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Mar 062013

jr photographer in training via southernyankeemix.com

At 2, Oliver is in that stage where he constantly needs to be involved in whatever anyone else is doing.  This past week I was taking pictures of Liam in his Bumbo for my review, and Oliver had to be doing it, too.  (Which meant he was mostly in the way of all the shots I was trying to take.)  I decided to lay down to get the right angle and of course O plopped down right in front of me to take his own picture.  Which ended up making a cute picture of its own.  (I really should check his camera to see what he got pictures of.)

Aug 242012

Life has gotten crazy in the last few weeks.  Summer is on it’s way out; not the heat, but summer break from school.  I told myself at the end of the school year last year that we would start potty training Oliver once school was out.  It would be perfect timing because we wouldn’t have anywhere to be on a daily basis and he would be all set by the time school started again and then the baby was here.  Well, I kept putting it off and putting it off and putting it off some more.  Honestly, I was mostly scared of a walking sprinkler and the fact that we have carpet pretty much everywhere here.  (Which I hate, but we don’t have a choice.)  Then there was the fact that I’m pregnant and tired and Oliver is a busy handful without adding in the potty training.  Somehow I kept telling myself we could do it next weekend all summer long.  Then last Friday I realized there were only 10 days until school started and oops, we hadn’t even started.  My only choice was to suck it up and just do it already or possibly wait and then deal with a school schedule, a newborn and a potty training toddler.  I decided sucking it up was the way to go.  Say a prayer that he doesn’t regress once the baby gets here.

The good thing is that I think Ollie was really ready.  He had actually been asking to go on the potty and would tell me pretty much as soon as his diaper was dirty.  He doesn’t wake up in the morning or from his nap dry though.  I figure one step at a time.  He was so excited to try and still is.  The first day was long and exhausting and the score of pee on the floor vs. pee in the potty was a lot to a little.  Which I completely expected.  One huge plus – no poop on the floor.  That made me happy.  I was SO done by the time he went to bed though.  It’s hard to stay encouraging and positive when you just don’t want to clean up any more pee, especially out of carpet.  Ick.

Day two went a million times better!  We made it to nap time without any accidents and then all afternoon too.  I decided to try putting a pair of training pants on him and then we had the first accident.  The first day and the majority of the second day we just did the run-around-commando method.  It works well.  Day three was pretty successful too.  Then, the last few days he’s done great pretty much all day and then in the afternoon when it normally gets crazy anyway (moms, you know, that magical end of day time where everything just goes downhill until dinner) he’s started having accidents.  More specifically, he lands himself in a timeout for one thing or another and then pees his underwear.  It’s a two minute timeout and he’s usually just gone to the potty.  I think he’s gotten wise because the first few times it happened I got him out of timeout and had him run to the potty.  Now, I make him sit there until the timeout is up.  I think he’s doing it on purpose.  He’s a sneaky one.

It’s been a week now since we started #OperationPottyTraining and it’s been up and down.  Some things have been easier, some harder and some just different than it was when we potty trained Hanna.  Girls and boys are different and in general each child is different.  I’m hoping I can keep the momentum and excitement going for him and that we really get into a routine with the potty.

It’s Friday night, on Monday Hanna is starting first grade and I’m feeling a little sad that summer is over and a little panicky that it means there’s just about six weeks until the baby’s due date.  Then a little paranoid that I’m feeling panicky means that the baby might come early and I’m so not prepared at all.  I will say though, I have this feeling that this time around I’m going to have the baby and life will just keep on flowing.  It felt much more momentous when the first two were born.  I don’t feel like I have the same kind of time to really relish the moment.  I can only imagine that it gets harder to do the more kids you have.

Jun 182012

One magical day a few weeks ago, Oliver figured out how to turn door knobs and open the doors.  All of them.  And it was mostly okay.  He decided to bother Hanna in her room, because she’s his favorite, and well, all of the really good toys are in her room.  She got mad.  He plundered her room bringing his choice prizes to the family room.  And then… They were playing together nicely.  Wow, I was happy!  Playing nicely and quietly in her room.  So I thought.  I should have known better.  In my blissful, trusting state, I let them keep on playing.

I was sitting there enjoying my few minutes of peace when I smelled something really sweet.  And it passed.  And then I smelled it again.  What IS that?  Who knows, I’m probably just imagining it… And there it was again.  So strange.  I brushed off the strange sweet smell a few more times.  I should have trusted my pregnancy induced super-sniffer.  And then, it was really quiet.  And all moms know when it gets really quiet that nothing good is happening.  As I got closer to the bedrooms the smell got stronger.  Recognizably stronger.  I KNOW that smell.  Oh no.

They had moved on from Hanna’s room and into Oliver’s room.  Where, when I opened the door, I found this:

Baby Powder Mess

The entire room, filled with baby powder particles.  I stepped into the room and it immediately started settling on my arms.  Everywhere.  I could taste it in the air.  I had no words.  Hanna was “helping clean up.”  Sure, sure you are.

Baby Powder All Over The Room

I sent Nick a text telling him he needed to come home instead of going out.  I would have sent them away and cleaned it myself… But obviously, they can’t be trusted alone in a room.

Vacuuming Up Baby Powder

So I made them strip off their powder filled pajamas and head to the bathroom for a bath.  It was 10 PM before the kids were in bed.  I think Oliver has the cleanest room in the house now since every inch of it was vacuumed and dusted a few times over.  All of the stuffed animals and bedding washed.  Every book on the bookshelf (and floor) vacuumed.  I’m seriously surprised they didn’t have “baby powder lung” after that.

H's Baby Powder Mug Shot O's Baby Powder Mug Shot
It ceases to amaze me the things I never thought my kids would do before I had kids, or even when I just had one.  And now, I really don’t question much at all.

How To Create Grey Hair

Oh, and just a little tip, if you ever want to look like you’re 80 – just dump an entire bottle of baby powder on your head.  It totally does the trick.

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